An Index Of Failure (2012)

by Jasper TX

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The music on An Index of Failure is a collection of tracks that were originally intended for other things –– odd bits and pieces collected over the years. Collaborations that didn’t pan out that I later decided to complete on my own. There are songs from split singles and for compilations that were never released –– the leftovers that I just couldn’t get out of my mind. That kept haunting me.

When you make music there will always be tracks that, for whatever reason, don’t work out. They might be a good attempt at something, but there’s just something about them that doesn’t sit right with you, so you end up throwing them away. You push delete and 65 MB of data is gone forever. And you move on to other things.

But the songs collected here are different. These are all tracks I love and think are brilliant, each in their own way. And it’s been quite frustrating to just sit on some of them for so long. The oldest one on here was finished and ready to go back in 2006.
But now, thanks to Handmade Birds, these songs are getting released properly, like they deserve.

This collection of quite disparate leftovers was never intended to be sequenced this way or to function as a full-length album. But listening back on it now I think there’s something that connects them, making this more than just a random collection of half-abandoned tracks. In the process of completing, compiling and sequencing them they have in fact become a proper album that I am very proud to share with the world.

1. Abandon
Written in 2008, this track was originally intended for a compilation CD that never hit the record stores. Maybe they didn’t get enough good contributions or maybe they just ran out of money.... This song was initially written and recorded on acoustic guitar but that just didn’t work out the way I had planned. Things rarely do. The original guitar is still audible in the mid-section of the track, but I guess you have to listen quite closely to hear it.

2. In All Your Blinding Lights
This is basically just a nylon-wound acoustic guitar and some vocals recorded with a Korg D16 and a cheap condenser microphone in the kitchen of my former apartment in Gothenburg. This was originally intended for a compilation record on a US label that, for unknown reasons, was never released. A real shame actually as it had, at least in theory, a really great line-up. This is the oldest track on this collection, dating back to 2006.

3. Rivers Flow
Based on a piano theme from the de la Mancha track “Sleep”. Originally performed by Jerker Lund on a slightly out-of-tune piamino at Göteborgs Tonstudio back in 2007. This track was originally intended for a collaboration that sort of just never came to be. And since its tentative first steps towards becoming what you hear now, it has probably existed in a hundred different versions. Only to end up pretty much identical to the demo sketch I did when I first started working on it.

4. A New Language
The sounds and noises of this track consist of a 30 second mono recording of two piano chords, created as a form-and-restraint experiment. This track dates back to early 2008 (or maybe late 2007) and was originally intended for a split 7” with Scissor Lock on Australian label Sound & Fury Records as part of their Passeridae Series. This split will sadly never see the light of day. See you, Adam.

5. Days Above The Tide
The main guitar figure was originally “written” during a soundcheck at Café Nexus in Manchester in November 2009. Later intended for a collaboration with Aaron Martin but discarded for various reasons. The whole thing was then re-arranged and completed during winter/spring 2011. The idea was to make sort of a mirror image of the track “All I Could Never Be” from my 2011 album The Black Sun Transmissions, moving slowly from subdued, analogue and acoustic textures into a dark, abrasive and heavily processed digital domain. But the track didn’t really come into its own until I started playing around with some drum samples that a friend of mine gave me.

In the end though, these are just words about some tracks that I think deserve to be heard. Make what you will of them.

See you.

Dag Rosenqvist, Gothenburg September 2011


released November 1, 2013

Music and arrangements by Dag Rosenqvist.
Produced, performed, recorded and mixed at The 63 Link, at the apartment in Gamlestan, and at Göteborgs Tonstudio in Gothenburg, Sweden 2006-2011.
Mastered by James Plotkin
Cover by Thomas Ekelund

Rivers Flow contains a sample from the track Sleep originally written and recorded by de la Mancha. Original track appears on the album Atlas, c+p Crying Bob records 2008. Used with kind permission.

Thank you to: Rich Loren/Handmade Birds, Thomas Ekelund, James Plotkin, Kevin Frato, Jerker Lund, Daniel Johansson, Petter Ottosson, Aaron Martin and everyone else who played a part in the creation of these tracks.



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Dag Rosenqvist Sweden

Since 2005 Dag Rosenqvist has released 30 albums, EP’s and cassette tapes in different constellations, the main one being Jasper TX that was put to rest 2012. Other constellations include From The Mouth of The Sun, de la Mancha and The Silence Set. He has also collaborated with Machinefabriek, Mike Weis and Simon Scott and released albums on Miasmah, Fang Bomb, Experimedia and Kning Disk. ... more

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